Delivering Experiences

That deeply affect our audiences.

Minimax is an Experiential Event agency with offices in Miami and Toronto. Creating moments where brands can deeply interact with an audience and create ever-lasting connections. Our family of creative minds, strategists, digital wizards, writers, and producers share a powerful vision that comes from our passion to evolve popular culture.

We love events and continuously seek out new and interesting experiences to keep our finger on the pulse of what an audience is seeking. Developing new and interesting ways to interact with people on a deeper level. Creating a natural experience filled with excitement and remarkability.

For nearly a decade world-class brands, corporations, and small businesses alike have put their trust in Minimax to create new opportunities to deeply connect with the people their businesses interact with. As a trusted Miami marketing agency, we have been helping world-class companies to compel their audiences to take the action needed to reach their marketing goals.

Our Goal

Deliver experiences that affect people emotionally, providing a powerful and long-lasting memory, and using these opportunities to influence the participants seamlessly.  We strive for innovation everywhere possible when possible in the areas of technology, audio/visual production, and marketing while providing top-notch performance in the delivery of service by ways of distinctive strategies furnished case by case per client.