House of Horror

Marketing, Management, Nightlife


House of Horror


October 2016


House of Horror is one of the largest and longest running haunted house theme parks in the United States. After several years of success, they decided to add a digital advertising element to their marketing mix. Their goal was to appeal to younger demographics, specifically millennials.

We proposed a fresh new content strategy; that focused on the personalities of the horrors and characters contained in the rides. Our team directed several short conceptual films; based on the different attractions, characters, and elements of the experiences. A targeted advertising approach through social advertising and GoogleAds enabled us to increase their online sales by over 1000% year over year.

Minimax established a new direction in House of Horror’s marketing approach.  Overhauling a clearer and more direct message that drove ticket sales of the grand opening night to over 500% increase in attendance, as well as throughout the month of October into The Chainsmokers closing event.